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Most people have a foundational understanding of what artificial intelligence is, however, many people may not be able to identify every instance of AI in their day to day lives. Can you recognize the roles that artificial intelligence plays in your life? Here are four examples of AI already in use.

Customer Service

If you’ve ever used an automated chatbot when visiting a website, you’ve had an interaction with AI. These bots can do the job of a customer service representative who relies on a script easily enough, but the prospect of AI in customer service goes beyond that. Most people already rely on voice assistance to answer questions or check the weather, and the future of automated customer service might look a bit like that.


Programs that aptly known as recommendation engines are behind media recommendations on your favorite streaming service and are also forms of AI. They know that you’ve watched and liked and will use that information to recommend other songs or TV shows. Similar technology powers the recommendations from online retailers, which are based on items you’ve purchased, encouraging you to spend more time or money.

Proofreading and Plagiarism Checkers

Students, teachers, and writers are just several examples of people who can benefit from the various tools that proofread, checking for grammar and spelling errors. These tools are powered by AI and much “smarter” than the proofreading capabilities of just a few years ago. They can often find those simple mistakes such as using the wrong word that older spell checkers missed because these were no spelling errors. Modern grammar checkers can even help you to become a better writer.

Similar to proofreaders are plagiarism checkers that also use AI to check whether the content is original or copied.


Resume screening is increasingly handled by AI, and this is why you must type your resume into an application even if you’ve already attached it. The person responsible for hiring may never see applications that the system has scrapped. However, it’s not a perfect tool. Amazon used machine learning to develop a recruiting program, but the AI determined that women were not suitable candidates because most of the sample resumes were from men.

While the current uses of AI can save a lot of time and future prospects are likely to be even more exciting, a lack of human oversight can lead to unforeseen problems.