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Running a small business can be extremely lucrative and rewarding for a business owner. You can sell products or offer a service that you’re passionate about while being able to work closely with your consumers and create lasting relationships that will keep them returning. Technology can directly contribute to this success, and certain technologies are perfectly suited for a small business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is being seen throughout various industries. It is used to make processes more efficient and accurate. For a small business, AI can be used in a few different ways; primarily, within a businesses website. Recent AI developments have made common E-commerce technologies like chatbots much more accurate and reliable. Chatbots are used as AI customer service representatives that can help a consumer along with their shopping process. A chatbot can direct a consumer to a product, answer questions, or put a consumer in contact with a necessary party to address any issues or concerns.

Social Media
We have discussed the benefits of social media in business from both a small and large scale. Social media has made its way into the business world as one of the greatest tech developments to date. It’s rare to find a company, no matter the size, that isn’t using social media accounts to engage with consumers, and keep their audience up to date with product or service updates, and company information. It’s an essential tech tool for any business, and for small business, it can be extremely beneficial to use when interacting with consumers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
CRM systems are important for company’s that need to manage consumer information in an organized way. If your company has a sales team, for example, a CRM system is a great way for the sales team to manage their customer base, and know who they’ve spoken to or sold to. Consider a small car dealership. A CRM system is essential to properly managing the book of business you accumulate over the years.

Easy Payment Methods
Consumers want to be able to make payments with ease, regardless of if they’re working with an online business, or a small brick and mortar shop. Physical payment applications such as Square, or other types of mobile payments are perfect for small businesses that have physical customers coming in daily. It helps your consumers know their information is secure and makes the payment method quick and easy. Other mobile applications, such as MobilePay or ApplePay, are also convenient, secure, and easy for consumers to manage.