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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained a great deal of power as of late, in part due to large-scale data collection. After over a decade of collecting consumer data, AI tools are capable of predicting consumer behavior and helping businesses achieve their sales goals. Here are a few ways your organization can leverage AI to boost sales.

1) Generating Recommendations

If you want to adopt AI technologies to reduce your sales staff, then you may want to reconsider your approach to machine learning. AI performs repetitive tasks so that sales team members can close deals, identify leads and nurture potential clients. AI churns numbers, analyzes data and points your sales staff in the best direction to achieve their goals. AI doesn’t replace staff. Rather, it can expand your growth so much that you may find yourself needing more people to satisfy the new customers your AI has predicted.

2) Maintaining Objectivity

Numbers don’t lie. If your team has spent months or years inputting clean data into your systems, then AI will synthesize that data and reach logical conclusions. Your sales team might be surprised at some of the recommendations AI technologies make because the recommendations may go against human assumptions. Salespeople have loyal customers, personal relationships, and subjective preferences; AI does not. Deploying an AI solution helps sales teams navigate blind spots and realign their priorities in ways that increase sales.

3) Integrating Tools and Insights

Choosing an AI platform isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The best tools are the ones that integrate with your existing workflow and align with your current goals. Many platforms integrate with CRM packages and other applications. This kind of “baked in” AI is easily adopted by employees. Integrated tools and SaaS AI platforms boost your data’s power by breaking silos and “learning” from shared datasets. The end-result is robust, data-driven recommendations.

Sales teams may not be keen to adopt AI technology simply because of the misconception that AI will replace them. Before implementing any AI strategy, it makes sense to work alongside your team and address their needs and concerns. Choose an AI solution that dovetails with their goals and increases their productivity. When everyone buys in, you will certainly see the impact AI can have on your sales numbers.